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Epson 3880 refillable cartridge

InkRepublic 3880 i-Refill Cart System.
The FIRST and the BEST 3880 Refill System!
*** (Discontinued) ***
Qucik Fact:
  • The EASIEST 3800/3880 refill carts to install & refill.
  • Refill from the top of the cartridge NOT the ink outlet valve. This is to ensure your i-Refill can work longer and not damage the ink outlet valve and print head.
  • Visual feedback if tank needs ink. Easier to operate.
  • Tremendous savings.
  • High page yield.
  • Advanced group reset of chips. (See the chipset installation below.)
  • Resettable maintenance cart (waste ink tank). Saves you 25 dollars each time you reset waste ink tank!
  • Video Feedback from i-Refill users:

    Canvas Printing
    refillmaster February 06, 2010 With the Inkrepublic's I-Refill system installed and printer driver version 5.51 (Windows 2000, XP) it is possible to print panorama's up to 43 x 650 cm without the need to buy an expensive RIP package. See how good this works.Be sure your system has at least 2 GB RAM installed to cope with the large file size these big pictures are taking. I use the standard paper tray for glossy paper to feed the canvas and it works without any problem. Be sure to use the matte black ink to obtain the best contrast on canvas (matte media).

    Better Quality, Easy Refilling & Resetting
    refillmaster February 06, 2010 The Inkrepublic I-refill system is an improvement over its previous version using large external bottles and a lot of tubing coming out from the printer, making it a bit cumbersome. The system actually works better than I thought, but the printer cover to hide the ink cartridge cannot not be removed, so I fixed a solution to esthetically remove the printer cover to make it look more appealing. Refilling and resetting is now easier compared to my previous system which needs a special resetter and best of all: it is now possible to reset the maintenance tank as well... Pro's: very high construction quality, very easy refilling and resetting. Con's: maybe a bit voluminous and sticking out from the printer, but very acceptable if you remove the ink cover from the printer.

    Roll Paper Printing
    fullbitsoft September 18, 2009 With InkRepublic's i-Refill and Fullbitsoft's technology, Now Epson 3800 printer enables to print Roll Paper printing. You can see the demo how to work RollPaper Printing.

    Epson Pro 3800 printing A2 photo with Inkrepublic's Pro 3800 I-refill system
    refillmaster - August 03, 2010 Just another video I made showing A2 photo printing @ 2880 dpi super photo setting on A2 glossy photo paper. This rather cheap peaper I used for minor print jobs and not so critical jobs. It just cost 42,50 + 14.- shipping @ handling for 100 sheets. It has a satisfactory gloss and OK for its quality. After more than a half year of extensive usage the I-refill system I bought at is still performing well and reliable. This was not the case with my former refillable system with tuning chips. It suffers from rupture due to starving of the rubber material at the ink outlet valve after a few months, which is essential to seal the cartridge, causing a inky mess inside my printer. The's I-refill system features a sturdy ink outlet valve, just like the original cartridges, so you will not experience the probem with rubber starvation.

    3800 (& 3880) i-Refill Installation & Operation Tips
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    Legitimate Testimonials:
  • I just wanted you to know That i got the ink system (Epson 3880 i-Refill) working and am very happy with the results.
    Ron Keebler ( - (July 2010).

  • Last week I received my epson 3880 refill system from you. It was so cool that everything just works! A tiny thing - in the manual that was included in cd there was no explanation how to exactly insert the key (that tricks the ink cover sensor). First I installed it a little too high and it didn't work. Later from internet I found that it needs to be a little lower - anyway I got it working fine...I'm happy with the cartiges and the colors!
    Timo Kannisto, from ESTONIA ( - (July 2010).

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