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Q: 1280/1270/1290 Waste Ink Kit Installation

Fitting a waste Ink Tube to the 1290/1280

April 25, 2008
Chris Nicola

1- Remove the top lid.

2- Remove the 4 screws and lift off the top half of the printer with the letter lever in the back position. If a CIS is attached it is not necessary to remove it completely. Please see my 1290 CIS review to see how to remove the top half of the printer with the CIS attached.

The Dampers can still remain attached to the head during the procedure. Then rotate the small cog on the left of the printer anticlockwise to release the carriage parking brake and move the carriage to the centre of the printer.

3- Note the position of the waste ink tube

4- Waste ink tube viewed from the side of the printer. Notice it fits in a small plastic groove. The tube goes down to the absorbent material in the base of the printer.

5- Carefully push the cleaning station to the right to reveal the waste ink tube after it leaves the pump.

6- Hook a piece of wire to the lever on the cleaning station to keep it to the far right so it will not get in the way while you are working.

7- Using tweezers or pointer pliers gently pull out the waste ink tube from its position being careful not to pull it off the pump.

8- Attach the tubing by inserting it inside the printer tubing. It is quite tight fitting but if you wish you may use a piece of tape wrapped around the join to secure it.

9- Thread the tubing out of the right side of the printer. Note the thin flexible plastic sheet on the side of the printer has been removed. Note picture 13 where the plastic sheet has been put back in position.

10- Note the original printer waste tube is now in a very low position in the plastic groove where it was before.

11- It is important to secure the tube with some hot glue, blue tack or other suitable material where it comes out on the right side of the printer.

12- Drill a hole as shown to thread the tube outside the printer. The advantage of putting the hole here is that if the top half of the printer is removed for servicing then this will not disturb the waste ink tube.

13- Put the plastic sheet back in position. Note a small slot has been cut to allow the tube to pass through.

14- The waste ink bottle can be secured outside the printer in any position using self adhesive Velcro.


A- I suggest the waste ink tube is not put all the way to the bottom of the bottle to prevent the ink siphoning back. I suggest leaving the tube above the liquid level in the bottle.

B- To empty the bottle simply unscrew the top and pour the ink into a glass or suitable container and screw the top back on again. I suggest emptying the bottle regularly not letting it get more than a third full.

C- I recycle the waste ink by using it with my HP 7660 printer. I mix it about 10% with 90% regular ink and refill the black cartridge. It works fine. However I would not recommend doing this with Epson printers or other printers with a fixed head to avoid any problems. The HP cartridge which includes the head can simply be replaced if necessary.

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