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iInk is more than just a Bulk Ink System that can provide inks to printer continuously. It's a revolutionary new product that makes installation of CIS* as easy as 123.

Do you know how much money you could save by using our iInk? Have you ever wanted a better solution to replace Ink Cartridge while lowering your print costs???

  1 ml(cc)
Cost Of Traditional Ink Cartridge  $1.30  
Cost Of Our iInk  $0.12  

Making the switch to our iInk, can save more than 90% in your ink costs!!!

Sponage? Ink Overflow Problem? Clogging Issue? Hard to install? Taking FOREVER to install? These are some crucial factors you have considered before making a decision to switch your current ink solution to a Bulk Ink/ CIS System. Because we made your concerns our primary focus, we are confident that all, if not most, issues have been addressed and resolved in the development of our iInk.

What about other Sponage Bulk Ink Systems? - Don't even bother spending your time and money on considering the competition as your cost effective method of replacing your traditional ink cartridges. Not only do they tend to have high failure rates, but they can also be potentially damaging to your print heads as well. Once again, in developing our product, we have researched and tested time and time again to make sure our iInk is the best quality solution.

Ink Overflow Problem ? - Even when using some Non-Sponage Bulk Ink Systems, "Flooding" can still occur. The cause of the "Flooding" is in the design. When "Flooding" occurs, eventually, it would clog your print header as well. Ultimately, this chosen solution would force upon you the additional cost of either having your printer repair or replaced.

Unlike the traditional high-cost cartridges and other inconvenient Bulk Ink Systems, our inexpensive iInk does not have problems listed above because it utilizes our patent pending technology - Dampers and Always-Full-Ink-Level chipset. Our iInk can be installed in about 5 minutes. It's a No Brainer!!

iInk is the most efficient way to convert your printer into a non-stop continuously printing monster.

* CIS: Continuous Ink System
Below you will find testimonials from some of our clients that have used our system.

"GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ... Everything worked great ... I used to restrict my kids because of the cost of the ink. All together with the printer (Epson R200) ink and your system it cost $400 much less then 3 printers and ink, now they don't have to ask me anymore if they can print something " CRAIG TWARDY - Jupiter, FL

"I have been looking for the better Continuous Ink System for 3 years, I have been trying several different systems, but obviously yours is the best ... I am still printing invitations. Printed 300 so far. No problem. Still printing. I love it so much! I am willing to endorse your system also I will refer your systems to my friends." Sunil Dhavalikar - Plainsboro, NJ

"... To reduce my printing cost, I believe your system does the excellent job! ... I will definitely introduce your amazing systems to my classmates in USC ..." Eva - Los Angeles, CA

"... I tired both yours and MIS systems for my C84, your System is much much better than MIS.... " Matthew - Sandy, UT

"... It's works great. I would recommend it to other users." HXP - Long Beach, CA

"... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, BULK INK FEED WORKS GREAT ... 5min set up..." Kreggtv - "System works, Thanks, A+++++ ..." Travis - Westbrook, MN

"Excellent Customer Service ...I was so pleased to your wonderful works" Sandy - Evansville, IN

"I am impressed by your system...Now, I don't have to worry about the cost of printing out my homeworks ... The best product of its kind. Product arrive as described, Fast respond ..." Chichang - San Deigo, CA

Package Includes:
1. Dampers With Ink Tubes, Ink Stopper, and Vaccum Pump
3. Installation manual & CD
4. Ink Box and Ink Bottles- 50ml or 100ml Dye Ink for each color
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Item Number: C86-S1
C86 Bulk Ink System + 4 * 50ml Pigment Inks
Product Value: More than $405.95
Price For MUG: $169.95
Item Number: R200-S1
R200 Bulk Ink System + 6 * 100ml Dye Inks
Product Value: More than $575.95
Price For MUG: $99.95
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