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   Partners - Review of InkRepublic R1900 i-INK2 CIS System - Great Product! Great Service!

Aug 12, 2011

Barry Kishimoto
Aiea, Hawaii

    I purchased my first CIS from InkRepublic several months ago. It was the i-Ink2 kit for my Epson R1800, and I'm getting terrific results.

    Prior to getting the R1800 CIS from IR, I was using refillable ink cartridges that I had purchased from various eBay vendors. However, I was having intermittent ink flow problems and bad nozzle test results. I tried using refillable cartridges from several different vendors, but got the same inconsistent ink flow results.

    I performing multiple manual print head cleaning and flushing of the R1800. Then after finally switching to different set of refillable cartridges purchased from the same vendor, and running a nozzle check, I noticed that the clogging problem had moved to another set of ink color/nozzle. I finally realized at this point, that problem was not due to the print head, but caused by the cartridges that I was using (i.e.; air leakage from cartridge/print head interface). I concluded that the quality for these inexpensive refillable cartridges was not there, and I was getting exactly what I paid for (low price and quality) .

    After doing the due diligence for an alternative system, I decided to go with the InkRepublic system. Mainly because I found many blogs from many satisfied/happy customers that were using the CIS purchased from InkRepublic. Also, when I contacted the IR Customer service for more information, their representative promptly responded to all my questions. I was really impressed.

    I have not been disappointed since from the courtesy and service that I've received from their Customer Service.

    Because I was so pleased with the results and service that I was getting from the R1800 IR i-INK2 kit, I recently purchased a similar kit from my Epson R1900.

    I was originally using OEM/Epson ink on the R1900, and could not see the logic in paying the higher premium for the same quality of print after see the results that I was getting from my R1800 with i-Ink2.

    The shipment for the R1900 i-Ink2 was free and very fast. (The price I usually pay for living in a place with the best weather on the planet, is high shipping cost and slow delivery:).

    I've now had R1900 i-Iink2 installed for several weeks, and so far every time I do a nozzle check I get a perfect pattern. Also, I can't tell the difference in print color and quality from the original/OEM ink that I had using. I plan to shortly put my remaining OEM cartridges for sale on either Craig's List or Ebay.

Mahalo Nui Loa from Hawaii,

Barry Kishimoto

PS: Below are some notes on the various photos sent.

InkRepublic Epson R1900 CIS

InkRepublic Epson R1900 CIS
Photos 01 & 02: Please note that I'm using a different plastic ink container from the one IR sent me. I changed the ink container with a bigger one that I was using for my disc storage, because the original container sent could not fit all 10 bottles (8 ink & 2 waste) in upright position.

InkRepublic Epson R1900 CIS
Photo 03: Shows back view of R1900 with holes drilled for waste ink tubing.

InkRepublic Epson R1900 CIS
Photo 04: With printer covers closed up.

InkRepublic Epson R1900 CIS
Photo 05: Show R1900 with CIS in foreground, and R1800 with CIS and my 2nd R1800 in background.

InkRepublic R1800 CIS review by Barry Kishimoto
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