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I sold my previous Canon i9950 because I wanted a photo printer which can handle pigment ink at a reasonable price and the Epson 1400 was a good deal.

After having very good results with the i-Refill Pro 3800 refillable cartridges from on my larger Epson Pro 3800, I decided to choose for the's CISS system with IRK-4 nano pigment ink. The only problem is to figure out, how to optimize the best CISS tubing attachment inside the printer while diminishing friction of the tubing and print head and minimizing the chances of entanglement of the tubing which can cause the print head to block inside the printer. Therefore you will need to place the CISS bottles at left side of the printer and not at the right side like most CISS manufacturers are advising. Putting on the right side will give you extra stress on the tubing (striking against the housing on the left side) and more chances of blockage of the carriage when the tubing is much more likely to entangle in between the print head. You can check this by comparing the movement of the tubing and print head on other Youtube movies showing similar systems with right placed bottles.

The IRK-4 nano pigment ink is pretty good, despite the gloss difference inherent to pigment ink, and it is possible to produce very neutral prints without the need for custom printer profiles. A good compromise to minimize the gloss difference is to choose for Satin or Pearl type of (semi) glossy papers. Personally I prefer satin papers for pictures, especially when using pigment inks. Satin or Pearl papers suffer significantly less from gloss differential and metamerism than high glossy papers while keeping a very acceptable glossy shine when combined with pigment inks.

The reason I choose for pigment ink, is the archival qualities of pigment ink, which guarantees fade and water resistance for the coming decennia.

The CISS has only be installed for a few weeks and after optimizing the best tubing attachment, I was amazed by looking at the amount of waste ink was dumped by the printer: the bottle is now almost nearly half full. So always install a waste ink bottle, because at this rate the waste ink pads inside the printer will be full within a year of intensive usage and forces you to send the printer for an expensive repair centre to swap out the waste ink pads. The external waste ink pad will keep the inner waste ink pads clean and dry, as long as possible.

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