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James Parker
Pekin, IN 47165

I have installed an Ink Republic CIS in my Epson R260. I want to share my experience with the system and service from Ink Republic.

When I opened the box, there was lot's of parts. I thought this was going to be a mess to install, but after watching the videos (and going to the web site for more up to date videos ) I was ready to embark on the install. To my surprise each step went very smooth and the system was complete in about 30 min's (it could have been less but i took my time ). After the install, I ran about 3 head cleanings to flush all the OEM ink out. Then I ran a nozzel check and it was fine. I installed the waste ink bottle (something I did not think came with the kit).
(link to the installation of the waste ink tank).

Also, it came with two sets of chips for the different production dates. When you install the kit, pay attention to when your printer was made, so you use the right chips.

I will rate the installation as very easy. All components fit great and after the videos and a little reading I feel anyone could install it.

I made about 10 4x6 prints from Qimage, letting the printer manage the colors and they looked very close to the oem ink. It was not a perfect match, but close.

In one of the post sale e-mails, I was given a link to download some profiles that ink republic has made. I downloaded them and from Qimage printed about 25 more 4x6's and 8- 8x10 prints on Ilford gloss, Epson matte and Ilford premium pearl paper (the ilford pearl is my choice of paper). The prints turned out as good if not better than OEM ink, so if you want to buy a cis system and do not have a way to profile your own ink & paper, this is a very nice added bonus from Ink Republic.

I have printfix pro 2.0, so I made some profiles for my paper. It made a very big difference. The system worked flawlessly and the colors popped off the page. I have no way to check the permanence (fade) OF of the inks, but I do not sell my prints . I just take pictures of things that I like.

With the cost of the oem carts there is no way, I can print as many pictures as I want. So, I gave Ink Republic a chance. I have read so many good things about there products. I am sure there are other system that work good too.

I am just very satisfied with Ink Republic. The ink is high quality and the system is as well. I was a victim of the Ebay junk that destroyed Epson R 320 that leaked air all the time When I tried to contacted the dealer for help ( let's just say I could hear them laughing from China) YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!! With the cost of the refill ink 600 ml, I can print as much as I want and if they fade in 25 years I will print another.

Just as a fade test, I am going to hang 10 pictures, 5 printed with oem ink on oem paper and 5 with ink from Ink Republic on oem paper, in my office near a window.It is exposed to heavy sunlight to see if there is anything I can see with my eye. I will take some spot readings from each picture with the printfix pro, and do that each week for about 12 weeks. I will see what happens and report back to this thread. Check back from time to time to see what happens. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a better way to test the ink please let me know.

Now, I know lots of people think when someone posts a very good review about something, they assume you work for the company. This is not the case. I have no dog in this fight, just a very happy customer.

I am so happy, I intend to get one for my Epson 1280(will use pigment ink) and will setup another R260 for black and white printing only. If there is anyone who wants anymore info about the Ink Republic R260 cis, please ask and if I can help I will. There will be pictures of my setup later today. I have an anniversary date with my wife!!!

Thanks James Parker

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